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MVVM in a modern Android App

The purpose of this post is to document the usage of MVVM with AndroidX components and Google’s Jetpack framework with a real-world use case. With Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM), the UI is is loosely coupled to the data it presents and the user interacts with. Working with the Android SDK, the developer usually has to directly interact […]

Flutter Control Drawing

This is only a short update about my little meditation app I described in this post: Some time ago I started to replace the conventional iOS picker for the time frame with a custom-drawn control to select the number of minutes to spend. This code is separated in the GestureDetector, to translate the user touch […]

A first look at Flutter

Cross-platform app development (read “iOS and Android from the same code-base”) is the wet dream of many teams and companies for a long time. I’ve spent quite some time with projects based on HTML5 + Cordova or Xamarin.iOS / .Android (not Forms), so I have a bit of experience in the area and try to […]