MVVM in a modern Android App

The purpose of this post is to document the usage of MVVM with AndroidX components and Google’s Jetpack framework with a real-world use case. With Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM), the UI is is loosely coupled to the data it presents and the user interacts with. Working with the Android SDK, the developer usually has to directly interact […]

AWS ECS Fargate

Recently I was involved in setting up a new Node.js-based service on AWS. There are multiple compute options to choose from on AWS. The one I’d like to discuss here is the Fargate launch type on the AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS). I won’t get into too much details of what Fargate is (there is […]

Flutter Control Drawing

This is only a short update about my little meditation app I described in this post: Some time ago I started to replace the conventional iOS picker for the time frame with a custom-drawn control to select the number of minutes to spend. This code is separated in the GestureDetector, to translate the user touch […]

A first look at Flutter

Cross-platform app development (read “iOS and Android from the same code-base”) is the wet dream of many teams and companies for a long time. I’ve spent quite some time with projects based on HTML5 + Cordova or Xamarin.iOS / .Android (not Forms), so I have a bit of experience in the area and try to […]

On working remotely

A topic I keep coming back to, is remote collaboration in software development. Why?Well, I had the opportunity to work in multiple project setups with different setups with regards to the team members locations. Basically it spanned from single location office, over multiple locations in one time zone up to offices and remote colleagues across […]