MVVM in a modern Android App

Jan 24, 2021

The purpose of this post is to document the usage of MVVM with AndroidX components and Google’s Jetpack framework with a real-world use case.

AWS Elastic Container Service: Fargate

May 8, 2020

Recently I was involved in setting up a new Node.js-based service on AWS. There are multiple compute options to choose from on AWS. The one I’d like to discuss here is the Fargate launch type on the AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS).


Feb 9, 2020

Ich bin seit 2014 im Schnitt 40.000 km im Jahr gefahren. Das Verhältnis beruflich/privat war dabei schätzungsweise 60/40% . Nach etwas mehr als 2 Monaten “schaffe ichs mit Bus und Bahn”, brauch ich ein neues Auto. Test gescheitert. Einen Verbrenner möchte ich in 2020 wegen der Klimathematik nicht mehr kaufen.

A first look at Flutter

Dec 22, 2019

Cross-platform app development (read “iOS and Android from the same code-base”) is the wet dream of many teams and companies for a long time. I’ve spent quite some time with projects based on HTML5 + Cordova or Xamarin.iOS / .Android (not Forms), so I have a bit of experience in the area and try to keep up with the trends.

On working remotely

Nov 5, 2019

A topic I keep coming back to, is remote collaboration in software development. Why?Well, I had the opportunity to work in multiple project setups with different setups with regards to the team members locations. Basically it spanned from single location office, over multiple locations in one time zone up to offices and remote colleagues across three time zones. The main reason is, that I myself like working from home quite a lot and will be doing so more in the future. Hence, I started looking around for material on the topic and best-practices for remote teams quite a while back.

Snippey: A keyboard extension for your own Snippets. For iPhone.

Aug 5, 2019

Back in 2017, reading about keyboard extensions in iOS, I thought that it would be cool to build a little keyboard extension of my own. The idea was, to have a customizable keyboard with stuff you frequently use in messaging, but typically don‘t, because it‘s to complicated to type on a mobile - the shrug text emoticon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ being an obvious example. However, back then I did not find the time to finish it.